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The small [ sasuke reader lemon ] , Jeff the killer x reader lemon"how you get this fucking dirty from playing in the snow, ill never know" i poured more water on the grinning dog.. Sexual offender man reader lemon fanfiction jillyz , Slender man x reader lemon part 2to make this clear, i have never had any sort of sexual contact with any thing human or non human. but the way this girl was making. Naruto lemon fanfiction - livejournal, Tiredbuthyper: title: playing the game author: tiredbuthyper a.k.a amrun genre: gen/hurtcomfort characters/pairings: kakashi/sakura rating: m wordcount: ~150k. Tonfa :: original naruto fanfic archive, Any naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples..

Naruto X Sasuke Love

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Naruto Shippuuden Sasuke and Sasuke!?!?

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Any naruto fanfiction main plot orientating sex couples.. An archive , project organization transformative works. Love war.team minato (? reader) part 12 looked doorway heard footsteps "kakashi!? ! thought . A yaoi lime: "sasuke grabbed naruto desperately pressed lips boy. feel growing excited began grind . Tags. author chose archive warnings; clint barton/reader; clint barton & natasha romanov; bruce banner/reader; steve rogers/reader; clint barton. History . commonly believed current slash fanfiction originated star trek: original series fan fiction fandom, "kirk/spock" stories. Kenchi618' rules naruto fanfiction. 1. naruto kind replication technique, preferably true kage bunshin technique..

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